The Milk Hut
The Milk Hut
The Milk Hut with Steam Engines
The Milk Hut
The Milk Hut Winter Snow

The Milk Hut

The idea of the 'The Milk Hut' started a long time before Jenny took on the farm. 

The original idea was to just sell milk from the farm straight to the customer, cutting out the middle man and allowing customers to know exactly where their milk has come from. This has now since grown and The Milk Hut sells a variety of local products, click here to check out the range.

Eventually in 2020 when Jenny took on the farm the idea really came to life, with works commencing straight away. With the help of local builders, joiners, plumbers, and electricians Jenny's questionable drawings become real. The Milk Hut in particular uses a number of refused items from the farm, handrails made from cubicles, the wheels come from a Cambridge roller and the base from a redundant trailer.  

As with everything it took longer than expected with many unseen bumps in the road but finally in October 2021 The Milk Hut opened. 

We hope that you will enjoy visiting The Milk Hut. 


Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 7am - 9pm
Sunday: 7am - 8pm