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Welcome to Marchwood Farming – a family-run farm which is diversifying to supply you with high quality, local milk. The farm, which has been in our family since 1969, is based in Staffordshire, between Marchington and Uttoxeter. The family business has recently been taken over by Jenny, who has grown up on the farm with her parents. Since taking over in January 2020, Jenny has invested in upgrading and diversifying the business. This diversification will allow you, to buy top quality milk which has been produced right here on our farm as well as other local products from 'The Milk Hut' on farm.

The herd of dairy cows at Marchwood Farming are Holstein and Shorthorns and produce milk for us to drink every single day of the year – even on Christmas Day! The milk they produce is of an extremely high quality as they spend most of the year outside grazing our lush grass. If you visit the farm, you might see them nearby! As a family, we care for our cows immensely and are fortunate enough to drink their fresh milk every day. Since a young age, Jenny has had a real passion for local produce and now is excited to share our milk with you! Compared to other milk you can buy, our milk is produced and then pasteurised right here on our farm therefore has no food miles at all.

The Milk Hut will be launching in the coming weeks, to stay up to date with the latest news follow us on social media! 


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